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City Council

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City Council members

Midvale City is divided into five City Council districts. Each of these districts has one representative on the Midvale City Council. The City Council also includes the Mayor. Review the Midvale City Council District Map to find out who your representative is.

Council Member Bonnie Billings Council Member Bonnie Billings
District 1

Council Member Paul Glover Council Member Paul Glover
District 2

Council Member Heidi Robinson Council Member Heidi Robinson
District 3

Council Member Bryant Brown Council Member Bryant Brown
District 4

Council Member Dustin Gettel Council Member Dustin Gettel
District 5


Form of Government

Midvale City operates under a six-member council form of government and holds the status of a city as defined by Utah law. The governance of the city is entrusted to a six-member council, consisting of five council members and a mayor. The mayor's role includes casting a vote in cases where the council reaches a tie vote and in matters concerning ordinances that impact the mayor's powers, responsibilities, or functions. Additionally, the mayor's participation is essential in decisions related to the appointment or removal of a city manager. The mayor serves as the primary executive officer, while the city manager acts as the chief administrative officer, overseeing the day-to-day administrative operations of the city.

Furthermore, the City Council assumes the role of the Board of Trustees for the Redevelopment Agency. Within this context, the mayor takes on the position of the chief administrative officer, and the city manager assumes the role of executive director. The members of the city council collectively function as the governing body of the Agency, with support and technical assistance provided by City staff.

The legislative body of Midvale City has adopted the Rules of Order and Procedure, last updated in March 2019. These Rules are intended to be used in conjunction with the applicable laws of the State of Utah, Midvale City, Salt Lake County, and Midvale City's Policies and Procedures. It is important to note that these Rules are not exhaustive and do not override any provisions within the State of Utah, Salt Lake County, or Midvale City Code.

City Council and Redevelopment Agency Meetings

The Midvale City Council convenes twice a month, typically on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The City Council Workshop meetings usually commence at 6:00 p.m. and are conducted in the Dahl Conference Room, situated within Midvale City Hall at 7505 S Holden Street. The Regular City Council meetings typically start at 7:00 p.m. and are held in the Council Chambers, also located at Midvale City Hall. It is important to note that dates and times are subject to change, so we recommend consulting the published City Council agenda for the most up-to-date schedule information.

Workshop meetings offer the City Council a valuable platform to examine and deliberate on significant matters, staff initiatives, and upcoming items slated for Council meetings. During these sessions, the city manager and staff are present to introduce subjects for deliberation and provide responses to queries. Formal decisions or actions are not undertaken by the City Council during workshop meetings. Therefore, public comments on agenda items are made only at the mayor's or council members' request. 

Regular City Council meetings encompass a structured agenda that includes a variety of topics, such as proclamations, policy discussions, Unified Police Authority and Unified Fire Authority reports, and updates on administrative matters. These meetings frequently incorporate public hearings, which offer community members a platform to voice their perspectives on issues, including Planning and Zoning matters and development projects, thereby fostering a more comprehensive approach to decision-making. Furthermore, these gatherings allocate specific time slots for public comments, covering a wide range of topics pertinent to residents. 

Midvale City is committed to open access to government deliberations and decisions 

Regular City Council and Redevelopment Agency meetings are streamed live on YouTube. After the meetings, the videos are available on demand on the Midvale City Government YouTube page.

Would you like to invite the Mayor or Council Member(s) to an event?

To invite the Mayor or Council Member(s) to your event, email the Communications Director. Please include the date, time, and location of the event, a contact person, and their phone number. We'll be in contact with you within one week of receiving your request.

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