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Building & Safety - Frequently Asked Questions

Building & Safety

Which building permit should I complete?
We offer a single, universal building permit application that encompasses all building projects.
Where do I find the property parcel number?
The property parcel number can be found on the Salt Lake County Assessor's website.
Do I need a building permit?

A permit is necessary for constructing or reconstructing any structure, except for accessory structures measuring 200 square feet or less that do not have utilities.

Which permits require inspections?
All permits, except for demolition permits, as all documented proof of termination/disconnections must be provided when applying for the permit.
Do I require a permit to expand my driveway?
If the work is entirely on private property, no permit is needed. However, if the work extends into the public right-of-way, you will need a road cut/encroachment permit through Engineering.
What time is my inspection scheduled?
Only footing and foundation inspections can be requested for a specified time. All other inspections will occur between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. 
What should I do if I suspect a building in my neighborhood is unsafe or in violation of codes?
Report any concerns about unsafe buildings or code violations to our Code Compliance Detective, and we will investigate and take appropriate action.
What are the fees associated with obtaining a building permit?
Permit fees vary depending on the type and scope of your project. Please consult our fee schedule or contact us for specific fee information.
Are there any restrictions on the size or location of accessory structures like sheds or fences?
Yes, there are regulations governing the size, location, and height of accessory structures. You can find these details in our zoning regulations or by contacting our department at 801-567-7200.