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Housing Plan 2019

637997878033970000The Midvale City Housing Plan is intended to be a five-year plan that identifies current and anticipated issues within Midvale’s housing market and establishes the citywide policies that will address those issues. It will provide a guide for building better neighborhoods, stabilizing existing neighborhoods, and accommodating Midvale’s future growth. Through a process of public engagement and market research six general issues were identified as influencing housing trends in the city:

  • Population Growth
  • Housing Stock Quality and Diversity
  • Home Ownership
  • Neighborhood Stability
  • Education
  • Housing Affordability
The Midvale City Housing Plan provides an analysis of the current housing market with policies recommended to address the issues, which are prevalent in the market based on the demographic, social, economic, and housing characteristics of Midvale, its residents and their particular needs.

General Plan Amendment: Moderate Income Housing Element 

In accordance with Utah State Code (10-9a-403 and 17-27a-403) Midvale City is revising its Moderate-Income Housing Plan to better meet the needs of households whose income falls on or below 80% of the area median income (AMI). To comply with state code a Moderate Income Housing Element was adopted by the Midvale City RDA Board as an amendment to the General Plan on September 20, 2022.

Strategies Towards Moderate Income Housing 

Six Moderate Income Housing strategies were selected from Utah State Code 10-9a-403.b.iii , each of which includes a five-year implementation plan to meet the needs of households who fall on or below 80% AMI in Midvale. Out of 24 moderate income housing strategies, a required six strategies were carefully considered and selected by the Midvale City Planning Department, the Redevelopment Agency of Midvale City, and City Management. This plan will continue to be updated and refined as current demographic and housing data is collected and analyzed. You can view the full Moderate Income Housing element here, including the six selected strategies and implementation plan.