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Sign Regulations

Midvale City has enacted comprehensive sign regulations that encompass both permanent and temporary signage across various zones. These regulations serve several important purposes:

  1. Promote signs that effectively organize the city's activities, enhance business identification, and simplify the process of locating destinations for the public and delivery services.
  2. Foster a positive business environment within the city.
  3. Align with the urban design objectives and policies outlined in Chapter 2 of the Midvale City General Plan.
  4. Elevate the visual quality of thoroughfares by curbing visual clutter through limitations on the types and display durations of temporary signs.
  5. Minimize distractions for motorists, ensure pedestrian safety, and provide safe working conditions for individuals involved in sign installation, maintenance, repair, or removal.
  6. Eliminate visual degradation stemming from billboards by imposing citywide prohibitions on such signs, particularly regarding excessive height and copy areas.
  7. Ensure that all signs, in terms of size, scale, height, and placement, harmonize with neighboring land uses and appropriately serve the scale of development they represent.

To determine the specific sign regulations applicable to a particular property within Midvale City, you must first ascertain the zone district in which the property is situated, as each zone is subject to its own set of sign regulations.

Temporary Sign Permit Application

Sign Permit Procedure