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Neighborhood Housing Improvement Program

The Neighborhood Housing Improvement Program (NHIP) is an Agency-led effort to strategically invest in neighborhoods throughout Midvale, by acquiring and redeveloping properties that pose a significant negative impact on the overall quality of housing stock.

Neighborhood Housing Improvement Program, was established to improve residential neighborhoods, contribute to the overall quality of Midvale’s housing stock, encourage homeownership, and support long-term housing affordability.  To achieve these goals, the Program identifies, acquires, and redevelops single-family homes that are currently closed to occupancy, attract crime, or otherwise negatively impact their surrounding neighborhood.  The redeveloped properties are then subsequently sold to households that earn 60% or less of the area median income with restrictions tied to the land to ensure the property remains affordable.

For more information, or to suggest a property, please contact RDA@midvale.com