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Code Compliance

Neighborhood - Copy - Copy - CopyThe Code Compliance Detective is dedicated to fostering a safe and aesthetically pleasing community that adheres to health and safety regulations while upholding our shared community principles. Employing a friendly, equitable, and impartial approach, the detective offers assistance to residents in aligning with the city's codes. Through collaborative efforts with residents, the focus is on restoring properties to compliance, ultimately enhancing the quality of life within our community. The Code Compliance Detective responds to various complaints, including issues related to:
     Weeds                                                     Business Licensing
     Unauthorized Signs                                Unauthorized Land Usage
     Home-Based Businesses

Report a Code Violation
The primary objective of Code Compliance is to engage with the community in resolving issues that contribute to preserving and improving residents' quality of life. This department is responsible for enforcing ordinances established by the City. When necessary, we coordinate enforcement efforts with other organizations such as the Salt Lake Valley Health Department, UDOT, and the Utah Housing Authority.

Violations of ordinances are identified through personal observations by compliance officers or through complaints filed by residents. Upon verification of a complaint, a violation notice is sent to the registered property owner. This notice explains the nature of the violation, outlines the necessary corrective actions, and assigns a deadline for compliance.

If the violation remains unaddressed by the specified deadline, a Noncompliance notice is issued to the property owner. Failure to voluntarily rectify the violation may lead to the City hiring a contractor to address the violation (with the costs borne by the property owner) or scheduling a hearing before an Administrative Hearing Officer.