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The Administration Department includes the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Recorder's Office, Human Resources, and Communications.  

  • City Manager: Oversees the overall operations and administration of the city, working closely with other departments to implement policies and manage resources efficiently.
  • Assistant City Manager: Provides support and assistance to the city manager in overseeing the daily operations of the city. 
  • City Recorder: Maintains official city records, documents, and proceedings, ensuring transparency and accountability in government operations.
  • Human Resources: Manages personnel matters, including recruitment, employee benefits, training, and compliance with labor laws and city policies.
  • Communications: Handles public relations, disseminates information to residents, and manages city communications channels to keep the community informed and engaged.
Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department consists of three key divisions: Information Technology, Finance, and Justice Court.

  • Finance Division: Responsible for managing the city's finances, including the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, budgeting, accounting, procurement, and fiscal responsibility.
    • Utility Billing Division: Handles customer utility accounts, billing for water, sewer, trash, storm drain services, street lighting, and UTOPIA fee collection.
  • Justice Court: Adjudicates Class B and C misdemeanors, small claims, infractions, traffic, parking, and criminal offenses, with a dedicated staff fluent in Spanish.
  • Information Technology: Manages the city's technology infrastructure, information security, and data disaster recovery planning, and houses the Geographic Information System (GIS) for spatial data management and analysis.
City Attorney
The City Attorney's office provides the City with a broad range of legal services. The Attorney’s office is responsible for the City’s legal affairs, including serving as legal advisor to the Mayor and City Council, City departments, boards, and commissions. 

Justice Court
The Midvale Justice Court has jurisdiction over class B and class C misdemeanors, Small Claims, as well as Infraction level citations committed within the boundaries of Midvale City. These include all traffic, parking, and criminal offenses. The Court is a separate branch of city government and a part of the statewide court system, subject to the authority of the Utah Supreme Court.

Community Development

The Community Development Department is the engine that drives the growth and prosperity of our city. Comprising several essential divisions, including Planning, Building & Safety, Code Compliance, Engineering, Business Licensing, and Economic Development, this department plays a pivotal role in shaping our community.

  • Planning: Planning is responsible for envisioning the future of our city, managing land use, and zoning regulations, and guiding sustainable growth and development.
  • Building & Safety: Ensuring that construction within our city adheres to safety standards and regulations, the Building & Safety division assists homeowners, contractors, and developers, prioritizing safety and enforcing codes and regulations.
  • Code Compliance: Code Compliance maintains community standards, ensuring that properties and businesses follow local codes and regulations to keep our city safe and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Engineering: The Engineering division is the backbone of infrastructure development, overseeing projects that enhance transportation, utilities, and public works.
  • Business Licensing: Business Licensing facilitates commerce by regulating and licensing businesses, supporting economic growth, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  • Economic Development: Economic Development focuses on fostering a vibrant business environment, attracting new enterprises, and promoting prosperity within our city.
Emergency Management
The Emergency Management Department exists to strengthen and protect the community by coordinating and integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain, and improve our capability to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from threatened or actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism, human-caused incidents, and major event.

Public Works
The Public Works Department is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in our community by providing essential services to our residents and businesses. The department is comprised of several divisions, each responsible for different aspects of public infrastructure and services.
  • Streets Division: The Streets Division maintains safe routes in Midvale, handling winter snow removal, asphalt and concrete repairs, property maintenance, street signage, and overseeing streetlight and traffic signal programs through Salt Lake County.
  • Parks and Cemetery Division: The Parks and Cemetery Division tends to Midvale's green spaces, which include the Cemetery, parks, trails, and more. They manage landscaping, contracts, facility maintenance, irrigation, and cemetery operations.
  • Public Utilities: The Public Utilities Division ensures residents' well-being by providing safe drinking water and managing sewer system's
  • Stormwater: The Stormwater Division safeguards our environment by managing runoff, preventing pollution, erosion, and flooding, and keeping Midvale clean and safe.
  • Facilities: The Facilities Division is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of all City-owned and operated facilities and their surrounding grounds. They ensure that these vital spaces are well-maintained, clean, and safe for our residents and visitors.
  • Fleet Maintenance: Fleet Maintenance is a vital division responsible for managing and maintaining the city's diverse fleet of vehicles and equipment.