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Public Utilities Division

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Water Quality Reports

Water Division

The Water Division ensures the delivery of safe and dependable drinking water to almost 9,000 metered connections in Midvale, meeting both state and federal standards. They manage all maintenance and operations of the water system, providing round-the-clock emergency response and support to meet the city's needs. 

Water Division Contacts

Water Emergencies (24/7) 801-567-7235 Press 0 to speak with the answering service who will connect you with an On-Call Public Works employee.
General Questions or Concerns 801-567-7239 Water leaks and pressure issues.
New Water Service or Meter Set 801-567-7200, Option #1 Contact Utility Services for inquiries or requests related to obtaining a new water service connection or setting up a meter.
Water Quality Concerns 801-567-7239 or
Concerns regarding sampling, water discoloration, or smell.
Midvale City Cross-Connection Program 801-567-7287 Backflow Administrator
Hydrant Meter Rental 801-567-7235 If you wish to use water from a city-owned fire hydrant, you must rent a hydrant meter from the Public Works Department. The utility division requires meters to assist in accounting for the water used throughout the city and reduce contamination risk. Meter rentals require a $1,550.00 deposit and a monthly usage reading. 

Water Resources
Water for the west side of Midvale is provided by Midvale City owned wells and water for the east side is purchased from the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. For specific water sources, refer to the Water Service District map.

Water Quality
The Midvale City Water Division maintains top public health standards by consistently monitoring drinking water quality through rigorous testing, ensuring its safety for consumption. This commitment exemplifies their dedication to providing safe and reliable water to residents, with annual Water Quality Reports for public access.

Water Lateral Ownership
The responsibility for the maintenance and ownership of water laterals typically falls upon the property owner rather than the municipality.

Water Conservation

Conserving water offers financial savings on utility bills, reduces the need for extensive water infrastructure, and safeguards water resources for future generations.
There are several rebate programs you can participate in to save water and money: 

Midvale Water Conservation Plan
The Midvale Water Conservation Plan underscores the City's recognition of the critical significance of water conservation. This comprehensive report delves into the details of the drinking water system, offering a review and summary of water consumption. It evaluates various water conservation options accessible to the City and establishes specific goals aimed at conserving water resources. The plan also highlights existing and proposed measures for water conservation, outlining strategies to be adopted by the City to ensure more efficient and sustainable use of water resources in the community.


The Sewer Division takes care of collecting wastewater for around one-third of the city. They handle all the maintenance and operation of the city's sewer system. This division regularly uses video inspections on sewer lines to find issues like breaks, blockages, or areas needing repairs. Additionally, they manage three sewer lift stations, which pump wastewater under the South Valley Water Reclamation Facility. The division regularly deals with pump blockages and part replacements to keep everything running smoothly.

Sewer Lateral Ownership
The responsibility for the maintenance and ownership of sewer laterals typically falls upon the property owner rather than the municipality.

Sewer Service Districts
The sewer system in Midvale City is structured into four service improvement districts: Midvale City Public Works, Cottonwood Improvement District, Midvalley Improvement District, and Sandy Suburban Improvement District. 

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