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Trash and Recycling

Trash is picked up every week, and recycling is picked up on a bi-weekly basis.

To find out when your trash & recycling will be collected:


Start or discontinue services 801-567-7200, Select option #1
Deliver extra can or remove can 801-567-7200, Select option #1
Lost, stolen, or damaged trash or recycling can 801-363-9995
Missed trash pick-ups 801-363-9995
Dumpster rental request  801-567-7200, Select option #1

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Curbside Trash and Recycling

Midvale City provides curbside collection of residential trash and recyclable materials through Ace Recycling and Disposal. Not all properties (HOA's, commercial buildings, apartments) receive these services through Midvale City. All occupied properties in Midvale City must subscribe to services to prevent issues associated with the accumulation of waste and its impacts on the community.

Review the Trash and Recycling Map Link to determine if you live in a yellow or blue pick-up area. And the Recycling Calendar to determine when your recycled items will be picked up. 

Please have your trash or recycling cans out the night before or by 6:30 a.m. on your service day. All materials placed curbside for collection must fit in the appropriate can to be collected.
Trash (Brown Can): All non-recyclable materials are to be placed in your brown trash can. Everything that goes in your brown trash can will end up in the landfill, so be sure to consider what type of material you're throwing away before you dispose of it. 

Recycling (Blue Can): Please recycle ONLY the items on the acceptable recycling items.

Unacceptable items for your brown and blue cans: Please do not put dirt, rock, concrete, or sod in the cans. Additional prohibited items include flammable materials such as oil, gas, and paint; hot ashes and coals; hazardous and toxic waste; septic tank waste; unbagged animal waste; explosive and radioactive materials; automotive products including motor oil, tires, and batteries; and metal and debris from any construction, remodeling, or demolition projects.

Lost or Stolen Trash and Recycling Cans
If your trash and/or recycling cans are stolen or stolen, call Midvale City at 801-567-7200 and select option #1 to report the incident. If your trash or recycling can is damaged Ace Recycling & Disposal will replace the container and the City will assess the replacement cost on your utility bill (if the damage was due to negligence.)

Damaged Trash and Recycling Cans
If your trash or recycling can is damaged, call Ace Recycling & Disposal at 801-363-9995. Ace Recycling & Disposal will replace the container and the City will assess the replacement cost on your utility bill (if the damage was due to negligence.)

Missed Pick-ups
If you think your trash pick-up was missed, please check with your neighbors to make sure their cans have been dumped. Ace Recycling & Disposal only collects one side of the street at a time. If your side of the street has been picked up and your can is still full, please call Ace Recycling & Disposal at 801-363-9995.

Trash and recycling collection occurs on all days except for four specific holidays: Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. If your usual trash day lands on any of these holidays or the day after within the same week, your trash will be collected a day later than usual. When uncertain, it's best to place your trash out!

Trans-Jordan Landfill
Midvale City is an inter-local agency of the Trans-Jordan Cities landfill and has membership on the landfill's Board of Directors. The Trans-Jordan Cities landfill was created to develop, implement, and manage the disposal of solid waste in an economical and environmentally sound manner using modern landfilling technology. For questions relating to the Trans-Jordan landfill, visit the Trans-Jordan landfill website.