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Midvale seeks to improve the appeal of housing in Midvale City by strengthening existing neighborhoods, providing opportunities for new development, promoting a broad range of housing choices for all income levels, and addressing housing market imbalances through comprehensive policies and programs. Through strategic partnerships and community collaborations, we work to develop new housing projects, improve existing neighborhoods, and ensure that our city remains an attractive and welcoming place to call home.

Homeownership and Home Repair Initiatives 

Midvale City's Redevelopment Agency has joined forces with NeighborWorks Salt Lake to introduce two beneficial programs for our residents. The first one, known as the Down Payment Assistance Program, offers loans and grants to help low- to moderate-income individuals buying their first homes in Midvale City. This program aims to ensure fair access to home ownership and enhance community knowledge about the home buying process. The second initiative, the Home Repair Loan Program, supports low- to moderate-income homeowners in addressing emergency repairs, safety concerns, blight removal, energy conservation, and overall housing preservation.

Housing Plan

The Midvale City Housing Plan has been developed by aligning with the housing objectives set forth in the 2016 General Plan. It incorporates up-to-date information, industry best practices, and valuable input from the public to define specific goals and strategies for advancing the city's housing agenda. This plan not only highlights existing and potential challenges within Midvale's housing market but also lays out comprehensive citywide policies designed to effectively tackle these issues. It serves as a roadmap for the improvement of our neighborhoods, the reinforcement of existing ones, and the facilitation of Midvale's future growth.

Are you homeless or at risk of homelessness?

You can access resources in your area through the HUD Exchange, which allows you to search online for local assistance. 

Fair Housing and Anti-Discrimination

Under federal law, it is illegal to discriminate in housing based on factors such as race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability. To learn more about fair housing laws or to submit a complaint related to housing discrimination, please access the links provided below.
Fair Housing and Civil Rights 
File a Housing Discrimination Complaint

Additional Resources

2-1-1 Resources & Referral
United Way 2-1-1 Information and Referral is a statewide service of United Way of Salt Lake that connects people to important health, human, and community service programs.

Disability Law Center
The Disability Law Center (DLC) is a private non-profit organization that is designated as the Protection and Advocacy agency for the state of Utah to protect the rights of people with disabilities in Utah.

Utah Housing Coalition
The Utah Housing Coalition is dedicated to building equitable and sustainable communities to ensure all Utahans have a safe and affordable place to live. They provide resources for homeowners and renters, including The Tenant Toolkit: Keys to successful living.

National Housing Preservation Database
The National Housing Preservation Database allows users to search for affordable housing by area, housing type, funding stream, and other characteristics of affordable housing.

Salt Lake Community Action Program
Salt Lake Community Action Program is a non-profit organization that provides a wide range of services aimed at helping low-income people become self-sufficient.

Utah Housing Authorities
Housing Authorities provide affordable housing choices for low-income renters. These agencies offer programs for rental assistance, such as Section 8 housing vouchers, and may also own and manage properties designated for low-income households. Housing Authorities typically maintain a waiting list for vacant units and available housing vouchers. To be eligible for a housing voucher or other housing assistance at a Housing Authority, you must meet certain income thresholds based on your household size. Contact the Housing Authority in your area for more information or to apply for housing assistance.